Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another 'shoot to kill' incident - 5 dead.

Another 'shoot to kill' incident - 5 dead.

Apparently they were on the way to commit a robbery - I seriously wonder how the police knew that...

'PCO Boy" had 13 Criminal Record - I believe that it is very wrong to 'defame' the dead and make all kinds of allegations against people that you killed. Is this an attempt to justify your actions?

There must be an independent inquiry into this incident:-
- Was the action of 'shooting' that resulted in all 5 ending up dead justified?
- Was there any intention to arrest these 'suspects' , or were the police out with a mission to shoot them all dead?
- Did the police have information about the identity of these persons before the incident, and were attempts made to secure their arrests?
The report says that the 5 had only one gun - 'a Remington pistol with three bullets in its magazine.' - so one person shot at the police...mmm

 'Police believe they have solved 10 armed robberies with the death of the five men. ' - They do not even know the identity of the deceased, and how can they say this so soon after the killing incident...

Post-Mortem is not enough - we need a complete investigation of what happened. Are the police telling the truth? This investigation must be done by an independent body of persons.

KLANG: Police shot dead five men in an early morning shoot-out in Lorong Sungai Keramat, Taman Klang Utama here, yesterday.

A team of D9 officers from the Klang district station was patrolling the area about 12.30am when they spotted a vehicle, with five men inside acting suspiciously.

Police stopped the car and asked them to step out for an inspection.

However, the driver immediately reversed the car and tried to run over the officers.

At the same time, they opened fire at the officers.

In self-defence, the officers returned fire, killing all five in the car.

Klang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Mat Yusop said the group was believed to be on their way to commit a robbery and had been active for the past year.

"During the shoot-out, the vehicle rammed into a ditch barrier nearby and all the suspects were already dead when the police got to the car.

"We believe the driver was shot before he lost control of the car," Mohamad said

The identities of the five have yet to be ascertained.

However, police identified one of them as "PCO Boy" who is believed to be the leader of the gang and had 13 criminal records.

He is also wanted for nine robbery cases.

Mohamad said the five were believed to be part of a bigger gang and police were hunting for the remaining members.

Meanwhile, Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the gang was noted for committing robberies while armed with samurai swords.

"Initial investigations revealed that the leader of the gang (PCO Boy) has been wanted by the police for the past few months as he was believed to be involved in gangsterism and several robbery cases," he said at the scene yesterday.

The car driven by the gang was reported stolen in Kajang on Nov 2 and fake registration number plates were used. 

Also found in the car was a Remington pistol with three bullets in its magazine, six parang and swords.

Police believe they have solved 10 armed robberies with the death of the five men.

The bodies have been sent to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for a post-mortem.
- New Straits Times, 9/11/2009, PCO Boy gang killed in shoot-out

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