Sunday, August 09, 2009

Were the 5 all robbers? Did they deserve to be all shot dead by the police?

Another case of Malaysian police's 'shoot to kill' cases. All dead - and nobody will know the truth. Were they really robbers? Did they have weapons - was there a shoot-out? Were the 'incriminating evidence' planted later on, as seen in some movies?

We really must have some public inquiry by the courts - where the police will be tasked with proving their 'wild allegations', and also justifying the killing... Could they not have been shot in the legs,...?

Woman shocked hubby one of five robbers shot dead

KUCHING: A young Indonesian woman who lodged a police report regarding her husband’s disappearance on Tuesday was shocked to learn he was one of the five foreign robbers shot dead by the police in Kota Samarahan last week.

The unidentified woman then went to the Sarawak General Hospital mortuary with her three-year-old daughter where she confirmed that one of the dead men was her 21-year-old husband.

According to a source, the woman initially went to the Mile 10 police station to lodge a missing person report after her husband failed to return to their rented house at Mile 10 Jalan Penrissen since last week.

From her description, police were able to establish his identity and learned that he was a construction worker.

The woman revealed her husband had been adopted by a local family as a child and had relatives on both sides of the border.

She was also not aware he had been leading a ‘double life’ as a robber, but added that he would regularly cross the border to supposedly visit his relatives.

As for the remaining four men, the woman said they had been staying with the family at the rented house, but she did not know who they were except that they were ‘relatives’ of her husband.

In the Dec 4 incident, five men were killed following an early morning shoot-out with a team of police officers from the Sarawak contingent headquarters near the Jalan Samarahan/Kampung Baru roundabout in Kota Samarahan.

A member of the public alerted the police after spotting five suspicious-looking men in a Wira Aeroback in Semariang here.

Two police vehicles sped to the area and encountered the group before chasing them to Samarahan where the deadly shootout occurred.

Following the incident, police found an assortment of offensive weapons, including guns, along with amulets and talismans worn by the robbers.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh later said he believed the robbers were linked to 38 cases here and Samarahan since July this year, and that the success was part of the statewide ‘Ops Rantau’ targeting foreign robbers which previously saw three being shot dead in Kuching on Sept 24, followed by another three in Sibu and four in Bintulu recently. - Borneo Post, 11/12/2008, Woman shocked hubby one of five robbers shot dead

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Anonymous said...

Yes they definitely deserved to be shot dead rather than the police being shot dead. 5 robbers less in the community and the community will be safer.