Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 shot dead by police in Klang - there must be a public inquiry into these 'shoot to kill' cases

Another 'shoot to kill' incident? Or are these really cases of extrajudicial killing?

2 ALLEGED robbers shot dead - we really need a mechanism which will determine:-

A - That these persons were robbers ...- armed robbers, involved in the said robbery as alleged (Burden of proof shall be beyond reasonable doubt same as any criminal charge).

B- That there was no reasonable way for the police to have arrested the said 2 without having to kill them.

For people who die in police custody - there already is an unwritten policy that there will be a public inquiry into the death - i.e. the inquest conducted by the Coroner.

What about for those that are shot dead by the police and other enforcement officers?

Maybe, the Bar Council or SUHAKAM can look into this and make the necessary proposals.

Police shot dead two men, believed to be involved in an armed robbery of a house in Kota Kemuning, where a 70-year-old man has also died.

The robbery, which had occured between 10pm and 3am on Friday morning, was believed to have caused the senior citizen to suffer from a heart attack and die.

Both man and his wife have been tied up by the robbers, who took a long time to ransack the house.

Both the robbers were believed to be Indonesians. - Star, 21/8/2009, Two robbers shot dead in Klang

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