Friday, April 11, 2008

Supporters rally for ill Uthaya

Supporters rally for ill Uthaya
Andrew Ong | Apr 11, 08 5:27pm
Some 300 Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters today rallied in protest over alleged denial of medical attention being given to ISA detainee P Uthayakumar.

The placard-armed crowd gathered in front of the Kamunting detention camp in Taiping at about 2pm today and held their peaceful protest while being under the watchful eyes of about 50 police personnel for about 90 minutes.

uthayakumar new look taiping hospital 090408Hindraf coordinator S Thanentheran told Malaysiakini that the crowd were outraged that Uthayakumar - one of the movement’s most recognisable face - was not treated humanely.

“His potassium level is very low. It has caused him to become weak. His diabetic readings are also dangerously high at 15.5. His vision is failing him.

“Hindraf supporters are angry, as they know his condition. This is very inhumane of the government. We hold ministry and camp commandant responsible for his life,” he said.

Camp officials had admitted Uthayakumar to the Taiping Hospital on April 7. He was discharged two days later. Thanentheran said that Uthayakumar has yet to recover fully.

“His detention diet is not suitable for a diabetic. He is not allowed to give himself insulin shots. His sole medications are pills which are not enough,” he added.

Observe law

Thanentheran had earlier failed in an attempt to convince camp authorities to allow a private doctor to treat Uthayakumar.

gobala krishnan 01Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan who also attended the rally warned that the camp authorities must not be negligent in ensuring the well-being of detainees.

“I believe if the camp denies Uthayakumar right to seek medication and doctor of his choice, they are violating the law. Action can be taken against them,” he said, adding that the Home Ministry must act on the matter.

Gobalakrishnan however commended the police for their cooperation extended during the peaceful protest.

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