Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amnesty report on executions refuted by Malaysian POLICE....

Some relevant extracts from the Amnesty Document (which can also be found in this BLOG):-

"Many countries carry out executions in secret and refuse to divulge any information on the use of the death penalty. Such countries include China, Singapore, Malaysia and Mongolia. ..."

" Amnesty International remains concerned that executions may have taken place in Mongolia and Malaysia. However, due to the secretive nature of the use of the death penalty the organization was unable to obtain reliable information...."

It is true that in Malaysia, it is very difficult to get information about the number of executions that have taken place. The only way of finding out is through the difficult process of getting a Member of Parliament to ask the Minister a question. There must be an easier way of getting the figures as to the number of executions, etc... and note that there are existing UN Resolutions that require Malaysia to disclose this information, and other relevant information - which it seems Malaysia has not done yet, especially with regard to the figures for the number of executions carried out in 2007...

Also wonder why it is the POLICE that is now refuting the Amnesty Report -- should it not be the Minsiter in charge of EXECUTIONS of the Death Penalty. The allegation made in the Amnesty Report is not about "extra-judicial killings" - but that the carrying out of executions have been done in SECRET - no opportunity also for any person/s for the abolition of capital punishment to launch a last minute plea for clemency, etc....

But, then that is MALAYSIA - everything is SECRET - and so do not come and make noise when some body accuses that we been secretive and not open & TRANSPARENT..

Thursday April 17, 2008

Amnesty report on executions refuted

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have refuted an Amnesty International report alleging Malaysia was carrying out secret executions in the country.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Ismail Omar vehemently denied the allegations saying Malaysia should not be included in such a category.

“Police carry out their investigations openly and all procedures carried out by the force is based on the laws of the country,” he said when asked to comment on allegations made by Amnesty International in its 2007annual report released in London on Tuesday.

Ismail said it was up to Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar to decide whether the police should contact Amnesty International for a clarification.

The report “expressed deep concern” that many more people were killed secretly in countries such as Mongolia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The report claimed that China executed more people than any other country last year by putting at least 470 people to death,

The United States was fifth in the rankings with 42 executions.

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