Friday, June 01, 2018

Another man with a machette shot and killed by police? Speedy INDEPENDENT inquiry needed?

Police shoots and victim dies ...

“He came at them with a machete and they had to open fire to defend themselves, killing him,” he said.
This is what the police tells us - but, I and possibly many others may doubt the police version of events... Remember, the DUTY of the police is to ARREST - and, of course, when carrying out an arrest reasonable force can be used. 

In this case, a man allegedly carrying a machete...was the shooting him a use of reasonable force by the police? Did the police shoot with the intention to subdue and arrest? Or did they shoot with the intention to kill?

Police gives their 'version' - but, is it true? We really need an INDEPENDENT investigation - maybe by court, through an inquest or 'inquiry into the death' - which also decides whether there was any 'criminality' involved on the part of the police.

What does the new Pakatan Harapan say about this...what does Muhyiddin, our new Home Minister, which is also responsible for the police have to say?

What does the new ATTORNEY GENERAL advise be done?

If there is going to be an independent inquiry, it needs to be done fast? Should SUHAKAM or EAIC be given obligation to do this speedy investigation/inquiry in incidents where police shooting that resulted in death happens, where there are allegations of torture by the police, where there is death in custody??


Police shoot fake forex syndicate member dead

Monday, 21 May 2018

  • KUALA LUMPUR: A suspected member of a fake foreign currency exchange syndicate was shot dead and four others arrested in a late-night run-in with police in Ampang.

    The syndicate, known as Gang Gagak Hitam (Black Crow Gang), was in the midst of robbing a victim when police came upon them, leading to a high-speed pursuit.

    City police chief Comm Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim said the syndicate offered unusually high exchange rates for US dollars to Malaysian ringgit in order to entice potential victims using social media.

    “They would lure their victims to a secluded spot and rob them.

    “In this case, they offered an exchange rate of 6.5 to a 28-year-old businessman, who wanted to exchange US$150,000,” he told a press conference at city police headquarters yesterday.

    Comm Mazlan said the businessman met two local men, who acted as middlemen for the exchange, at a five-star hotel in the city at about 10.30pm on Saturday.

    “They then introduced the businessman to an Arabian man, who drove him to another place on the pretence of making the exchange there.

    “The victim was driven to a secluded spot along Jalan Damai at about 1am, where four African men in another car arrived and ambushed them with machetes and a taser before taking the cash,” he said.
    A team of police officers who were patrolling the area spotted the robbery in progress.

    “They saw the Arabian man get out and jump into the second car with the four Africans. My men gave chase until Jalan Memanda 2, where the suspects got out of the car and tried to escape separately on foot,” he said.

    The team also split up and continued their pursuit.

    One of the suspects ran into an empty construction site and tried to attack two officers who were chasing him.

    “He came at them with a machete and they had to open fire to defend themselves, killing him,” he said.

    The Arabian and another African man were nabbed while two other suspects escaped with the cash.

    Police also arrested the two local middlemen to help with investigations.

    All four, aged between 28 and 50, have been remanded for four days.

    “We have been tracking this gang for a while now.

    “We have had 40 reports of similar cases since 2016 with losses of over RM12mil.

    “In fact, the team was patrolling the Jalan Damai area because that was the location where other similar cases took place, and we got lucky,” Comm Mazlan said.

    He urged the public to refrain from being enticed to exchange currencies for a higher rate on the black market.

    “You may find yourself losing all your money just because of greed,” he added.

    Police are tracking the two syndicate members still at large. - Star, 21/5/2018

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