Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Detention Without Trial for 2 years - this law must be repealed?

Well, here is another draconian law that allows for 'Detention Without Trial' for 2 years - this must also be appeal.

Let us not forget that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. How many people have been detained without trial for 2 years under the Prevention of Crime Act? Will they ever be tried? 

Three detained for up to two years for 'secession'

Police have detained three men for allegedly joining the group loyal to the Sulu sultanate with the goal of secession of Sabah from Malaysia.

The trio were detained under the Section 19A of the Prevention of Crime Act, which allows for detention of up to two years for investigation purposes, without trial.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar (right) said that the trio were detained on July 22, as the Sulu sultanate is an illegal entity with the objective of seeing Sabah secede from Malaysia.

The detention order for Abu Bakar Jayari, Zainuddin Mislani and Kassim Ibrahim was issued on Sep 9.

Abu Bakar and Zainuddin are Malaysian while Kassim is a Filipino citizen who entered Malaysia illegally, he said in a statement.

“They are also believed to have successfully recruited new members as preliminary measures to claim Sabah on behalf of the Sulu sultanate,” he said.

A group claiming to be the Sulu sultanate were involved in a standoff with Malaysian security personnel in Lahad Datu in 2013.

68 from the Sulu side and 12 Malaysians, including two civilians, were killed in the incursion which lasted slightly more than a month.

More recently, there have been urgings that action be taken against groups proposing a review of the Malaysia Agreement  and allegedly promoting  the secession of Sabah and Sarawak from Malaysia.- Malaysiakini, 10/9/2014,

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