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R. Jamesh Ramesh(40) - Another Death in Police Custody - 27 May 2013

There are CCTV that monitors detention cells (but alas in Malaysia, the CCTV would not have had recording capabilities), and they did not know that a man in the police lock-up was dying ...dead. What time did he die?

Liver Failure, Heart failure, etc -  But the question was what caused it. Was there torture involved? Why did the police not send him to the hospital...Did he have an history of liver problems?

And really police must stop defaming the dead. Most times when a person dies in police custody, the report normally tries to give the perception that this was a bad person. But unless one is tried and convicted by the courts, that person must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The death is already a great loss to family and loved ones - so please Mr Policeman just tell us about the death, and stop trying to make out the victim as being a 'bad person'. In the Jamesh Ramesh case, first report says his urine tested positive and so he was arrested. What really is the basis of mentioning things like "...hardcore drug addict..."

In the 2nd report, they say that "...unemployed and had a criminal record for robbery..." - Why do the police even have to disclose this now? What criminal record? 

WHY do the police usually paint a 'bad picture' of people who die in police custody...lock-ups? It matters not whether he was a serious criminal or a saint - all that matters now is WHY did this happen?

The only question that should be occupying the mind of the police is WHY and HOW did he die in the lock-up? How come police officers monitoring the lock-up did notice him about to die, dying.....etc? How come none of the fellow detainees were unaware? What time did this man really die?

ANOTHER CUSTODIAL DEATH! Man found dead in Penang police lock-up
ANOTHER CUSTODIAL DEATH! Man found dead in Penang police lock-up 
A man was found dead while being detained at the Penang police contingent headquarters lock-up here today.

Penang CID deputy chief ACP Nasir Mohd Salleh said R. Jamesh Ramesh, 40, was found dead at 10.30am.

He said the man, who is believed to be a hardcore drug addict, was picked up by the Timur Laut narcotic team in Jalan Patani here yesterday after his urine was tested positive for drug.

The case is classified as sudden death and the body was taken to Penang Hospital for post mortem, he added. - BERNAMA - Malaysia Chronicle, 27/5/2013, ANOTHER CUSTODIAL DEATH! Man found dead in Penang police lock-up 

GEORGE TOWN: Police have confirmed that the death of a 40-year-old detainee in the Penang police contingent headquarters lock-up yesterday was due to liver failure.

State CID deputy chief, ACP Nasir Mohd Salleh said the nature of R. Jamesh Ramesh's death was confirmed by the hospital after a post-mortem.
He said there were no injuries on the body and no criminal element involved.
"Police have also recorded statements from the deceased's cellmates and they claimed that the deceased was in a state of 'high' throughout the night," he told reporters here today.
Jamesh Ramesh who was unemployed and had a criminal record for robbery was arrested in front of a community hall in Jalan Patani, here, on Saturday when he was found positive for morphine in a urine test.
Police only realised that he was dead when they came to the lock-up at 10.30am yesterday to bring him to court for a remand order. -- BERNAMA

  • Alarm over seventh custodial death in 2013 alone
  • 4:28PM May 29, 2013
  • Penang Suaram has expressed alarmed over yet another case of death in police custody, which took place less than seven days after the “ghastly” death of N Dharmendran on May 21.

    The NGO said in Penang, suspected drug addict R Jamesh Ramesh has become yet another number in the death-in-custody statistics, adding it was concerned over the sudden rise of such deaths.

    It wants Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar to take responsibility for this latest death and announce to the public what action will be taken against the officers in charge of Jamesh, and when.

    “We expect nothing short of transparency and independence of the police and the Home Ministry in this matter,” Penang Suaram said.

    “In 2012, we received nine cases of deaths in police custody,” the NGO added in a statement.

    “Yet in less than half-a-year, six cases have already been reported, making Jamesh the seventh death in 2013 alone. These are just reported cases,” the NGO stressed.

    Arrested for taking drugs
    On Saturday, Jamesh, a 40-year-old jobless man, was arrested for allegedly taking drugs by Narcotics Department policemen at a community hall in Patani Road.

    The next day, he was sent to the lock-up around 4pm after his urine test was found to be positive for morphine.

    State deputy CID chief ACP Mohd Nasir Salleh said Jamesh “was seen to be in a normal condition by other detainees in the cell on the same night”.

    Jamesh was found unconscious on Sunday morning by police officers, and was later declared to have died of liver failure.

    Penang Suaram has urged the family members of Jamesh to come forward with information.

    The NGO wants police to probe all the circumstances surrounding the death of Jamesh by revealing the daily journal kept by the officer-in-charge of him during his brief detention.

    They urged the police to ensure that there is justice for the victim, and if there were any police officers involved in his death, they should be made responsible.

    Inquest into Jamesh’s death sought

    Penang Suaram also called for an inquest to be held into the death of Jamesh.

    “The Criminal Procedure Code provides that when a person dies when in the custody of the police, the officer who had custody of that person shall immediately give intimation of such death to the nearest magistrate and that the magistrate shall hold an inquiry into the cause of the death,” said the NGO.

    “We add our voices to those who are already calling for the home minister to hold an urgent and open enquiry to establish why so many deaths in custody are occurring,” it added.

    “There is widespread public concern which needs to be addressed. For as long as the police are seen to be allowed to act with impunity, they have little credibility,” it stressed.

    Penang Suaram said police credibility was further in question due to the speedy approach taken by the police in arresting peaceful dissenters at public rallies.

    The NGO was referring to four political and civil society figures who have been charged under the Sedition Act.

    This week alone, five political party leaders have been charged under the Peaceful Assembly Act for not complying with the terms in the Act to notify the police 10 days prior to holding a rally.- Malaysiakini, 29/5/2013,
    Alarm over seventh custodial death in 2013 alone

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