Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Vui Kong given more time to seek clemency

Vui Kong given more time to seek clemency


SINGAPORE: The Singapore Prisons Depart­ment has extended the deadline for death row prisoner, Malaysian drug trafficker Yong Vui Kong, to file a plea for presidential clemency, from yesterday to a date to be fixed later.

Bernama reported that the decision was conveyed to Vui Kong’s lawyer, M. Ravi, in a letter on Wednesday afternoon.

Spare the noose: Protesters at the gathering outside the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur yesterday urge the Singapore government to pardon Yong Vui Kong.

Vui Kong, 22, from Sabah, was sentenced to death after he was convicted on Jan 7 last year of trafficking in 47gm of a controlled drug diamorphine on June 13, 2007 which is a capital offence under Singapore’s Misuse of Drugs Act.

He was only 18 when he was arrested on June 13, 2007.

The High Court recently rejected Vui Kong’s application for a judicial review of the clemency process.

His lawyer is now appealing against the High Court ruling to the Court of Appeal, and until the appeal is disposed, the Prisons Department has to extend the deadline for Vui Kong’s clemency plea.

Vui Kong’s case had attracted the attention of many Malaysians, including Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who wrote a letter of clemency to his Singapore counterpart.

More than 100,000 signatures collected during the Save Vui Kong campaign and a petition were given to President S.R. Nathan by Vui Kong’s family who knelt at the gates of the Istana, hoping for the youth to be pardoned.

In KOTA KINABALU, Vui Kong’s elder brother Vui Leong said his brother spent time reading Buddhist scriptures for comfort.

He added that Vui Kong, the fifth in a family of six siblings, had become a vegetarian and had his hair cut short.

Vui Leong said his family was grateful for the extension granted and also for allowing them to spend an hour a day with Vui Kong for three days.

In KUALA LUMPUR, a group of Malaysian lawyers and parliamentarians submitted a memorandum to Singapore High Com­mis­sion’s first secretary Walter Chia asking for clemency for Vui Kong.

It was presented by Fadiah Nadwa Fikri of Lawyers for Liberty.

Later, several religious and non-governmental organisations and the Save Vui Kong campaign organisers declared Sept 5 as the “Say Sorry Day” to encourage all to forgive each other regardless of their background, race and beliefs as it showed strength of character. - Star, 27/8/2010, Vui Kong given more time to seek clemency

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