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Victim of Police Shooting still seeking justice - Malaysian police can shoot injure/kill the innocent and will not be penalised (or the victim compensated)?

Norizan Salleh, a 30-year-old single mother who was mistakenly shot five times by police officers last year, finally got her wish to take her grouses to Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

NONENorizan (right in photo) plans to sue the police force for the serious injuries inflicted by the gunshots when she was travelling in a car with friends on Oct 30, 2009.

She had earlier sought a meeting with the minister to hand over a protest memorandum, but this was turned down.

Accompanied by her lawyer N Surendran, Norizan spoke to Hishammuddin in his office in Parliament for about 10 minutes demanding for justice over the ordeal she had suffered.

During her visit at about 10.20 am, Norizan handed a memorandum to Hishammuddin demanding an investigation against the police officers who shot her.

Hishammuddin did not comment on the matter but a statement was read to reporters by his parliamentary secretary, Markiman Kobiran, said that he will look into the matter and get feedback from the police.
The home minister had told Parliament last month that the Attorney-General's Chambers found no reason to pursue the matter.

"The case has been investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder. The investigation papers have been sent to the deputy public prosecutor who decided not to take any further action on the case."
'Gun pointed at me'

Prior to her meeting, Norizan told reporters that she has no criminal record and criticised the police for their “brutal” treatment and for refusing to foot her RM18,000 medical bill.

NONERecalling the Oct 30 incident, Norizan said she was seated at the back of a vehicle along the Middle Right Road II in Gombak when a police patrol car rode abreast.

She said when she turned to look at the patrol car, she saw a police personnel pointing a gun at her and she immediately ducked. A hail of gunfire followed.

"When we pulled over and I realised I had been shot. The most serious wounds were to my right arm which was shattered by two bullets while another was lodged in the middle of my chest, narrowly missing my heart."

Two more bullets had grazed her arm and torso.

When her vehicle came to a stop, Norizan said she crawled out of the car and she was kicked and stomped on by a police personnel. She claimed that they were from the Sentul district police headquarters.

She later learned from the police personnel that the car she was traveling in was reported stolen in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Following this, Norizan was at the Kuala Lumpur general hospital and National Heart Institute for 12 days where she underwent numerous surgeries to remove the bullets.

She claims that she was told by hospital staff that the police had classified her case as a road accident.
'They were unarmed'
Previous news reports said the car was fitted with a false registration plate and had dangerous weapons such as axes, machetes, knives, falsified road tax stickers and several car keys were found in the vehicle.

The male suspects in the vehicle were later charged in court for the possession of dangerous weapons, obstructing the police from carrying out their duties and failing to produce their identity cards.

Norizan and another female occupant are witnesses in the case.

She has since approached the Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, human rights commision (Suhakam) and MCA complaints' bureau to demand justice and compensation to no avail.

Surendran said his client has no other recourse than to sue the police for damages and to ensure that they be punished for the incident.

"(Imagine) our shock and disappointment despite clear evidence of wrongdoings... the home minister said that the police acted properly," said Surendran.

He added that laws are clear that police can only shoot if there indication of actual danger to them.

"But these were unarmed people... what's the justification? It's a false story by the police, they said they acted in self-defence and said that her car was trying to ram theirs.

"But I can provide evidence because their car was fired on from the back... how could they say they were trying to ram the police while the shots were fired from the back?” he asked.

Minister shows no remorse

Parliamentarians Tian Chua (PKR - Batu), Charles Santiago (DAP - Klang), S Manikavasagam (PKR - Kapar) and Zuraidah Kamaruddin (PKR - Ampang) also lashed out at the authorities for their indifference.

"The minister did not take any responsibility (and has) no remorse. I hope this is not an isolated cause because there have been many times concerning police abuse of power and violence," said Chua.

Zuraidah, on the other hand, praised the Selangor government, which donated RM10,000 to Norizan for her medical expenses.

Santiago added that it is appalling that the government had turned its back on Norizan and others who had suffered at the hands of the authorities.

"She needs justice. Set up inquiry and ensure the culprits face the music," he said.

Earlier, the government had decided not to take action against the Police and the policemen involved...

The government has reiterated its refusal to take action against the police for mistakenly shooting 30-year-old single mother Norizan Salleh five times.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told the Dewan Rakyat that the Attorney-General's Chambers found no reason to pursue the matter.

NONE"The case has been investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code, for attempted murder. The investigation papers have been sent to the deputy public prosecutor, who decided not to take any further action over the case."

Hishammuddin was replying to a question from Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran, who inquired if any disciplinary or legal action were taken against the police officers involved.

Elaborating, Hishammuddin said it was found that Norizan was in the company of others who were allegedly committing a crime.

"The police had to open fire as the suspects tried to ram into a police vehicle, despite being ordered to halt. Norizan was hit by bullet fragments.

"Furthermore, police investigations have concluded that the suspect's vehicle was reported to have been stolen," he said.

During the incident along the Middle Ring Road II in Kuala Lumpur last October, Norizan miraculously survived five gunshot wounds.

She claimed that she was later dragged out of the car and further assaulted, resulting in a broken rib.

The incident left Norizan with a permanently damaged hand. A bullet lodged close to her heart was also removed. The incident left her with RM18,000 medical bill.

She later took her case to the the Human Rights Commission and federal police headquarters for action against the police personnel involved but her complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Norizan even tried to set an appointment with Hishammuddin to air her grouses but the latter has refused to meet her.- Malaysiakini, 25/3/2010, Hisham: No action against Norizan's shooters

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