Monday, October 05, 2009

Another 'shoot to kill' incident? 4 suspects on the way to commit robbery shot dead .

Another 'shoot to kill' incident, and this time the 4 deceased were allegedly on the way to commit a robbery - but we will never know for the dead cannot rebutt this allegation. Not even one survived ...and that raises a lot of questions....

LUNAS – They were on their way to commit a robbery this morning without realizing that would be their last.

The four suspects were shot dead by police in Bukit Kalus here.

According to a Star report, a police patrol car tried to stop a vehicle whose driver and passengers, all in their 20s, were acting suspiciously, at about 11am, but the car sped off instead.

The policemen gave chase. One of the passengers then opened fire at the policemen who immediately returned fire, killing the suspects.

Several firearms and burglary tools were recovered from the vehicle.

The deceased are believed to have been involved in a spate of armed robberies and burglaries in several states. - The Malaysian Mirror,5/10/2009,
Four robbery suspects shot dead

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