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KUGAN ANANTHAN: 2 post-mortem reports, 8 major differences..

After discovering vast discrepancies in the two post-mortem reports, the family of dead detainee A Kugan did the next sensible thing - lodge a police report and hope to see justice done.


a kugan police assaulted indian youth pj ipd report 060309 m indraThis morning, M Indra did just that. She lodged a police report against Serdang Hospital and the pathologist who conducted the first post-mortem on her son’s body.

Accompanying her to the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters to lodge the report were her lawyer, two MPs and several family members.

Dr Abdul Karim Tajudin of Serdang Hospital performed the first post-mortem while Dr Prashant N Samberkar of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre conducted the second one. The Prashant post-mortem report was submitted to the Attorney-General’s Chambers by Indra on Thursday.

The Prashant report revealed that the 22-year-old deceased endured severe beatings and was also starved during his incarceration while the Karim report said the cause of death was inconclusive.

According to the family's lawyer N Surendran, there were eight major differences in the two reports:

1774 a kugan autopsy report eight key difference 0603091) The Karim report said that Kugan's back had V-shaped abrasions. The Prashant report stated that the V-shaped marks were burn wounds inflicted with a heated object.

2) The Karim report listed down 22 marks of external injuries. The Prashant report listed down almost 40 marks of external injuries.

3) The Karim report said the brain was normal while the Prashant report stated that the brain had congested blood vessels.

4) The Karim report said the neck muscles were normal. The Prashant report indicated hemorrhage of the right neck muscle.

5) The Karim report said the heart was normal. The Prashant report revealed hemorrhage of the heart.

6) The Karim report said the spleen was normal. The Prashant report revealed large area of hemorrhage in the spleen.

a kugan police assaulted indian youth autopsy report 0303097) The Karim report said other organs in the abdomen were examined and were normal. The Prashant report said that in the first post-mortem, organs in the abdomen were not removed for dissection.

8) The Karim report gave the cause of death as pulmonary oedema which cause was unknown. The Prashant report clearly stated that the cause of death was kidney failure due to beatings.

"We are shocked and surprised to see the differences - it is puzzling for a pathologist to miss a burn mark or a large area of hemorrhage in the spleen," said Surendran.

Serdang Hospital’s ridiculous statement

Disappointed and shocked by the significant differences, Kugan's mother today demanded an investigation on whether it was an attempt to cover up the truth by the hospital and the pathologist Dr Abdul Karim.

"Were they trying to protect the police? Was police involved in any cover-up? How could Dr Abdul Karim say the other organs in the abdomen were examined when the second report showed he did not remove those organs for dissection?" Indra asked.

a kugan police assaulted indian youth pj ipd report 060309 07She also questioned why the cause of death in the first report was inconclusive while the second one was able to identify the cause of death. She asked for action to be taken against both Dr Abdul Karim and the Serdang Hospital.

Kugan had died on Jan 20 at the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya, five days after he was arrested in connection with the theft of luxury cars.

On Serdang Hospital director Dr Mohd Norzi Ghazali’s statement yesterday that Kugan's body could have been tampered with, Surendran said it was ridiculous as video evidence clearly indicated that the body was not.

"If what he said was true, the first post-mortem should have stated it as any pathologist can identify cuts and injuries that have been inflicted after the death of a person. Both the post-mortem reports have not indicated such injuries on the body," said the lawyer.

"The statement made by the Serdang Hospital is so ridiculous that I think I don't even need to produce scientific evidence," he said.

Surendran also felt that it was improper for a hospital director to come out with such a statement.

Syed Hamid, want to offer your office?

Meanwhile, Kapar MP S Manickavasagam who was also present, responded to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s statement questioning why the Kugan case was politicised.

"The minister asked why we used the PKR headquarters to hold the press conference. Well, if Syed Hamid can offer his office to us, we are willing to use it to meet the press. Kugan's family cannot afford to book a hotel ballroom, so we offered our party office."

a kugan police assaulted indian youth pj ipd report 060309 05Manickavasagam also said that the issue of Kugan's brutal death not only concerned a particular race, but every one in the country.

Teluk Intan MP M Manogaran, who was also present, called for the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to take action against Dr Abdul Karim.

"The MMC should be pro-active and call the mother if she wants to lodge a report against Dr Karim," he said.

He also questioned Dr Karim's qualifications and asked if he was influenced by the police.

"How can a pathologist not be able to conduct a complete post-mortem?" he asked.

Manogaran also urged the media not to criminalise Kugan and spare his family from further suffering.

VIDEO l 8 mins

First autopsy report l 5 pages(Dr Abdul Karim Tajudin)
Second autopsy report l 12 pages (Dr Prashant N Samberkar) - Malaysiakini, 6/3/2009, Autopsy reports: 8 glaring differences

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