Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shooting of 13 dogs: Reports lodged against council

Thursday, July 20 2006

Shooting of 13 dogs: Reports lodged against council
THREE police reports were lodged against the Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) yesterday, for shooting 13 dogs in Taman Desa Rasah, Seremban, on June 29.

The reports were lodged at Brickfields police station, led by the dog owner, Ng Her Sun, and his sister, Ng Choon Mong.

The other report was lodged by the Coalition Against Shooting and other Inhumane Methods (Casim).

Casim, made up of of six non-governmental organisations, was led by lawyer N. Surendran, 39.

They claimed the council had committed unlawful acts by breaking into Ng’s house and shooting the dogs inside the compound.

Her Sun, 57, said: “I wanted to give shelter and food to the dogs. What the officers did was cruel. I had to leave with some of the dogs because I feared the officers would kill them all.”

Her sister, Choon Mong, 56, claimed she was dragged out by female enforcement officers against her will.

“I begged them not to shoot my dogs but they ignored me. I heard the dogs howling and they looked frightened. They were not aggressive and were hiding under the beds when the officers shot them,” she said.

Surendran called for reforms to regulations on stray animals and asked for a more humane approach to combat the problem of animal over-population.

“There are other methods, including shooting and using wire loops to catch dogs, which are cruel, inhumane and cause a lot of pain and distress to the animals.

“We want police to investigate and act against the offenders,” he said.

Negri Sembilan PAS commissioner, Dr Rosli Yaakop, who was outside the station, said he supported the decision to lodge reports against the council.

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