Saturday, February 19, 2005



We are sickened by news report that Simpang Rengam District Council enforcement officers entered a private premise and brutally killed a dog, the family pet, in front of the family. The helpless animal which was a beloved family pet of 6 children was killed with shocking cruelty. Siau Mau, as it was lovingly called by the children was shot and then bludgeoned to death.

We view with grave concern the increasing instances of enforcement officials who abuse their power and easily resort to the use of guns.

In a notorious incident in Penang in mid- January, Yeoh Yew Jin, a 19 year old alleged VCD seller was shot in the chest by enforcement personnel. The shot also injured a 52 year old innocent by-stander having his dinner at a nearby coffee shop.

Despite a public outcry following this incident, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made a poorly reasoned decision to continue to allow enforcement officers to bear firearms.

His decision showed a disturbing lack of sensitivity to the interest and safety of the general public and is inconsistent with his professed people friendly and transparent administration.

We are further shocked that the Simpang Rengam District Council enforcement officers had abused their power by trespassing into a private citizens home and destroying private property.
We call upon the authorities to take swift and stern action against those involved in this shameful incident. There must be no hesitation to charge in court those guilty of wrongdoing for cruelty to an animal, criminal trespass and destruction of private property.

We also call upon the Prime Minister to re-consider his decision to allow enforcement officers to carry arms as it is not certain that they are able to bear this responsibility without endangering the Malaysian public.

N. Surendran
Charles Hector
for Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture (MADPET)

19th February 2005

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